Indian Contemporary Dance

About the course

IAID online Indian Contemporary Dance allows participants to experience exciting combinations of classical and modern Indian dance routines. It is more creative, vigorous and conventional, often inspired by Indian scriptures, mythical characters as well as modern-day social issues, which makes it unique and interesting. The class will experiment with a wealth of subjects that mainly deal with human emotions and feelings, as well as the philosophy and grammar of dance, and thus are more earthy and timeless. Relativity and gravity constitute an essential element of the performances, while the rhythmic structures used to essay various contexts add significance to them. Indian Contemporary dance is organic in its approach and treatment and primarily reflect the subtleties and craftsmanship that comprise the Indian heritage.



Please contact our counselors to check the classes you are interested in will be suitable for the age and level of your child. 

Age Group

Designed for Girls (10 yrs & above)


What to expect

  • 45-minute Zoom Dance Session
  • Live and Interactive
  • Personal Feedback
  • Led by Industry Experts
  • Learn from Anywhere